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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Getting Your Children Involved In Your Real Estate Business (And Making It Fun)!

One thing about being a real estate agent that is imperitive is managing ones time and deligating tasks that are not utilizing your time the most efectivly.
As I have three children, Philip & Chelsea who are 7 year old twins & Aiden who is 5 years old and who always need things, I beleive in installing the value of work and money at a young age. For example I was bought up never receiving "pocket money" unless I had worked for it. Wheather it be working for my father double checking his figures (he was a quantity surveyor) or the two paper rounds that I had from age 13. So I have decided to pass the same values along to my children and to get them involved in my Real Estate Business.

The first thing they did was put the fridge magnet football schedules in clear plasic door hanger bags along with one of my business cards. Followed by the fun part, getting to deliver all 200 of them to my "farm area". As my children are young I thought they would soon get bored and I would be left doing the rest on my own however that turned out not to be true.
They loved it, and I had trouble keeping up with them as they ran from house to house hanging the bags on the doors. I think their favorite part was when somebody was out walking their dog and they got to offer them one. It's strange how nobody ever turns away a 5 or 7 year old when they offer them something.

 Their latest "job" was putting out the open house signs saturday night for the house I am holding open in "The Trails" in Frisco, Texas on Sunday 25th September 2001 between 3-5pm.. Even though they were hungry they still helped me put out the 5 signs pointing towards the open house at each intersection. I even explained to them where you can and cannot put the signs as Frisco has some strict rules on where & when Garage Sale & Open House signs can be put. It can get expensive if you get it wrong and they confiscate your signs.

Lasty they all seem to love having their picture taken so I took a few pictures of them posing next to one of my for sale signs...

I think I killed two birds with one stone, firstly I taught them the value of money & secondly I got help with building my business in a cost effective and time efficient way.

As they get a little older they can help even more as they become more responsible and have learnt more about the real estate business through hands on experience. Hopefully this will help them decide if a career in Real Esate or a related industry is right for them.

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