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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Frisco's Pending Stage 3 Water Restrictions

Frisco's Pending Stage 3 Water Restrictions

I had someone come out and help me adjust our automatic sprinkler system last week. In my case I had the watering days and amount of time per zone correct however the time of day it was set for was incorrect. I know this because I got fined $25 by the city of frisco, however I did get this refunded once I had them inspect and adjust my sprinkler system.

The "water" guy from the city of frisco did suggest that I could invest in an upgraded "smart" contoller that would save me money in the long run. I did some investigation and chose the "Rain Bird ESP-SMT4i 4 Zone Indoor Sprinkler Timer with Rain Sensor" $155 and as soon as I can find a spinkler company in Frisco that is able to intalll it ( I contacted two and they both said they did not feel comfortable in installing it) I should never have to worry about being fined again...

The information below is taken from Monday's Frisco Town Hall meeting....
The big topic at Monday's Frisco Town Hall meeting was the drought and pending Stage 3 water restrictions. The district would need 15 to 18 inches of rainfall in a 30-day period to catch up. Since that's not going to happen, the district is working on several different plans, including accelerating several pipeline projects and looking to buy water from other sources.
But those plans come with a cost. Frisco City Manger George Purefoy said the district's increased rates to pay for that infrastructure, if it goes through, would mean an 11 percent to 12 percent rate hike for Frisco water customers.
The problem comes wtih the overuse of automated sprinkler systems, which increase the city's daily water use up to five times more. "It's so important that we save every drop of water," he said. "We're certainly going to need it next spring and summer."
The city publishes a weekly watering recommendation based on the city's rainfall and other data. With the recent rains, this week's recommendation is for no watering. "If you're watering this week, you're taking out some valuable water (from our supplies) that we could use next spring," Hartwell said.
Don't know how to program your automatic sprinkler system? The city can help. It offers a free controller adjustment to residents. It also offers a free irrigation checkup to test your system for problems. Call 972-292-5800 to sign up. And for the latest watering recommendations, visit The city also asks that residents report any water waste using this form.

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